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We were raised on fresh good-for-you food.  Growing up on a farm in North Florida, you can say our taste buds were trained early on to savor the flavor and characteristics of naturally whole foods. Our family dinners represented a bounty of the season's harvest of corn, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, pole beans, field peas, and more from dad's latest crop.  Mother made sure we had colorful, healthy meals that were as pleasing to the eye as to the palate.  One of our table staples was raw honey.  Little did we know then that our favorite locally produced honey was tupelo - a rare, highly prized varietal.  We simply loved the taste.

For The Love Of Honey

When you know the taste of real (and really good)  food,  you just can not, will not settle for anything less - even honey.  It took moving away from the farm, traveling, starting careers, families, and old-fashioned life experiences  to learn this for ourselves.   We discovered that pure tupelo is indeed the "Queen of Honeys" for its clean, crisp taste and unique properties.  When we shared it with friends near and far, they agreed . . . there's nothing like it.  As much as we loved the taste, we didn't love the all too often sticky mess that came with it.  There has got to be a better way! Could the exquisite taste of rare, fine tupelo and health benefits of pure, raw honey be available in a way that would work with our everyday, on the go lives . . . be traceable to the bee yard of origin . . . and be delivered in a sustainable, environmentally conscious way?  The challenge was on!

Our Passion

After a going down many roads, our vision was realized with HoneyPax.  Convenience without compromise Together with master local beekeepers, we obsess over the smallest detail and care of this beloved local varietal which helps ensure tupelo's legacy of quality and taste continues. All the fussing have led some to call us a little obsessed.  We couldn't agree more! Honey this good is worth the obsession. 

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you! Tell us how HoneyPax has made a difference in your day. Some have shared how it has helped them power through a long hike, others have snapped pics of creative recipe and gift ideas, while a few recalled a cherished memory - one of ours is the smell of Grandmother's from-scratch biscuits warm from the oven, with honey of course.  Call us at 850-692-3425 or email julie(at)

Peace, Love and Pure Honey . . . Julie & Jason (siblings, founders, friends)