Trace Your Honey



         13 oz bottle     40% post-recycled glass, hand branded hive code on wood cork, elegant screen printed graphics. Great for home (reuse as a chic flower vase!), gift giving, and when you just want more of that tasty tupelo!


Honey . . . pure, simple, delicious . . . as nature intended.  Our mantra at HoneyPax is it's all about the honey.  We are so proud to use only the very best tupelo honey in every packet.  What's so special about tupelo? 

The Tupelo Tree

If you could taste the  exuberant  fresh air of spring, it would surely be found in pure tupelo honey.  For a few weeks every spring, the nyssa ogeche tree yields its fragrant white flowers in the North Florida and South Georgia wetlands.  Commonly known as the white tupelo, this gum tree varietal grows abundantly along the swamps of the Apalachicola River Basin where spring days are an infusion of vibrant sunshine, warm afternoons, and the occasional shower.  This unique concentration of elements creates the perfect, pristine environment where the white tupelo thrives.  It’s as if this exceptional tree is almost bursting with anticipation for spring’s arrival, giving all its energy to bloom for just a short time.

 The Harvest

 It is during this brief, coveted  time frame that master tupelo beekeepers get busy.  In preparation of harvest, hives are cleaned of any traces of honey including black tupelo that blooms in advance of the white.  Black tupelo (nyssa sylvatica) is typically a baking grade honey and although useful, not considered the fine pure tupelo prized by connoisseurs, chefs, health enthusiasts, and lovers of this  distinctive varietal.  Once prepared, hives are strategically placed on platforms near the tupelo trees where bees feast on their flowers’ nectar.  Great respect and care  is taken in observing bee activity, monitoring hives and collecting the honey over the two to three week season.   Harvesting pure tupelo honey is  labor intensive and best suited for only the most dedicated apiarist (honey farmer). This  kind of skill and diligence is kept alive by a handful of beekeeping families in a small, rural area of North Florida where honey farming not just a vocation, but way of  life. We are deeply honored to work with master tupelo beekeepers who are as passionate about tupelo as we are.

The result is fine tupelo honey that is truly like none other.  Part of its one of a kind character is in this honey's high fructose to glucose ratio which prevents it from crystallizing like other varietals.


Pure tupelo is an exceptionally unique, exquisite honey prized for its delicate yet complex flavor profile.  Light, smooth, buttery and clean  describe but can't quite define its taste.  We just call it delicious!  Tupelo can be enjoyed in a wide variety of culinary uses from sweet to savory.  Although, we've found eating tupelo "straight-up" (with nothing else) is pretty close to perfection.  After that first taste, there are two words we hear more than any - yum and more.


Honey is a natural source of nutrients, enzymes, and carries a host of microbial properties.  Click HERE to read more about the benefits of honey and our product nutritional facts.