Trace Your Honey


"She's as sweet as tupelo honey, just like honey from the bee."
                Van Morrison


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Discover a unique way to enjoy the taste of pure, raw, unheated, unprocessed honey… anytime, anywhere. Each no-mess, single-serving packet and bottle is brimming with wholesome goodness and unique characteristics of one of the most exquisite, pure honey varietals in the world. We invite you to explore how this fine honey and an innovative idea inspired two siblings to create HoneyPax. Enjoy!


Convenience Without Compromise

HoneyPax packets are perfectly sized to go wherever life takes you, giving you a naturally healthy choice right at your fingertips. We work tirelessly to ensure that from hive to bottle or packet, HoneyPax honey is kept just as nature intended.

Totally Traceable Tupelo Honey

Because we know where every ounce of honey is sourced, we only thought it right that you do too. Use your hive code to learn about the bee yard where your honey was harvested.  It makes sense that really good food comes from a really great place. 

With HoneyPax it's fun and easy to make someone's day.  Savor one, share one.  Each packet of pure goodness is like a dose of sunshine, a taste of spring.   Join us in keeping the good vibes going.   A world filled with Peace, Love, and Pure Honey?  What a sweet thought.