Trace Your Honey



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Inspiration Meets Innovation

HoneyPax started as a simple idea - deliver the very best honey in the most convenient way while retaining all the beneficial nutrients pure, raw honey provides.  So it began.  Our distinct tupelo honey is considered the finest in the world - unique in taste, quality and character (the good stuff never crystallizes), perfectly portable packets (no-mess!), and sourced directly from local beekeepers (mmm . . . delicious).

Green Honey?

Building relationships with local master beekeepers is just the beginning of our sustainability efforts.  Our unique packets are made from 100% post consumer recycled unbleached paper, printed with 100% water-soluble ink, and filled at an environmentally conscious, carbon-neutral facility.  Nothing added, nothing taken away.  Nothing standing in the way of the honey goodness inside.

The Raw Deal

We could have stopped there.  But, as obsession often dictates, we exceeded conventional practice to ensure the honey remains purely raw.  That is, no heat is applied in the packaging process.  Most commercial honey is heated to speed pouring time, to mix with other varietals (or high fructose corn syrup or other non-honey flavors) or to alter its appearance to a more preferred lighter golden hue. Our honey is gently screened to remove any unwanted particles and then left untouched.  The result is honey complete in its naturally occurring enzymes, antioxidants, minerals, and microbial properties. 

Sustainable Vision

Can a small choice make a big difference?  We think so which is why we are diligent in making every decision count.  It's a
difference you can taste and feel good about.  Taking our cue from the small but mighty industrious honeybee, we carefully monitor cost, value and environmental impact.  Because in the end our choices reflect who we are, what we believe, and the mark 
we make (or don't make) on our planet.  

We feel called to stewardship of this fine honey and the natural pristine setting where it's found.  So with every HoneyPax our intention is to deliver not only wholesome goodness, but a dose of peace, love & pure honey. Now that's pure honey bliss!

Want more tupelo? Discover our beautiful 13 oz glass bottle. You asked for it, so we got busy finding a unique way to showcase this fine, one of a kind honey. Yes, we agree...sometimes more of a good thing is even better! Thank you to our wonderful fans for all the love and support. This bottle was inspired by and created for you.  ~ Julie & Jason